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Assume NSFW even though it's infrequently so. Trigger warnings for: flashy .gifs, nudity, guns, threatening situations, mildly kinky images, and other stuff you'd find in an R-rated Hollywood movie.

This account is mostly visual inspiration for, and distraction from, the comic I should be drawing right now: Even Death May Die!: A dieselpunk thrill-venture!

Me: Vancouver. Dude. Writer, filmmaker, designer, generally a lover. Talks about writing and creative stuff on Twitter.

15th February 2014

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early ’90s asia argento appreciation post

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6th January 2014

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cover for 1992 karaoke laserdisc from Hong Kong actress Veronica Yip

cover for 1992 karaoke laserdisc from Hong Kong actress Veronica Yip

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8th October 2011

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omg <3


omg <3

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3rd September 2011

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