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This account is mostly visual inspiration for, and distraction from, the comic I should be drawing right now: Even Death May Die!: A dieselpunk thrill-venture!

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12th August 2014

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6th July 2014

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Debbie Harry on H.R. Giger’s set for Now I Know You Know, 1981


Debbie Harry on H.R. Giger’s set for Now I Know You Know, 1981

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14th June 2014

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Andy Warhol Predicts the Future

The acquisition of my tape recorder really finished whatever emotional life I might have had, but I was glad to see it go. Nothing was ever a problem again, because a problem just meant a good tape and when a problem transforms itself into a good tape it’s not a problem any more. An interesting problem was an interesting tape. Everybody knew that and performed for the tape. You couldn’t tell which problems were real and which problems were exaggerated for the tape. Better yet, the people telling you the problems couldn’t decide any more if they were really having the problems or if they were just performing.
During the 60s, I think, people forgot what emotions were supposed to be. And I don’t think they’ve ever remembered. I think that once you see emotions from a certain angle you can never think of them as real again.
- Andy Warhol

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22nd September 2011

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Debbie Harry - Blondie

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22nd September 2011

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Debbie HarryPhoto by Chris Stein 


Debbie Harry
Photo by Chris Stein 

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